ARCHIMEDES became one of the TOP 10 highest selling educational software packages in the last Top of the Tops.

ARCHIMEDES moves into London. It has been selected by the International Charles de Gaulle Lycee in London for use on the 250 workstations on its local network.

ARCHIMEDES on the Golden Gate. It has been chosen by the La Perouse Lycee of San Francisco.

ARCHIMEDES in the desert. It has been selected by the International Louis Massignon Lycee of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

Surprising ! A teacher in Peking’s French Lycee returned his guarantee form which he completed in Chinese calligraphy :



ARCHIMEDES will soon be issued in American. The international version is near completion. Look for its release in the coming months.

ARCHIMEDES has star billing in the Leclerc’s cultural exhibition.